A Picklling and Passivation of Stainless Steel Vessels can be called stainless when it contains at least 12% chromium. Currently there are around 200 different alloys that are classified as stainless steels. New or modified alloys are being developed all the time. In addition a large number of elements are added to give the stainless steel specific properties.

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“Pickling after the construction phase will remove the chromium depleted zone and free iron, fully renews the corrosion resistance and brings it back entirely to the specifications of the original raw material.”

Especially because of its specific, corrosion resistant properties, stainless steel is widely used. These properties are caused by the stainless steel’s natural ability to form a protective oxide layer. This oxide-skin however, is extremely thin and therefore very vulnerable. The many handlings that stainless steel is undergoing during construction phase and sometimes during transportation, can lead to damage of this oxide layer.