adc海外华人年龄确认 adc海外华人年龄确认 ,武侠古典家庭校园 武侠古典家庭校园 ,午夜普通用户体检区试看 午夜普通用户体检区试看

Altro Wood

Wood look smooth sheet flooring

This attractive, general purpose 2mm wood-look flooring is available in a range of designs with different plank sizes and shades, including a fine-line design and wide plank classic and rustic designs, helping you create your ideal interior. 

It is not just about looks though: Altro Wood is designed to cope with the medium to heavy traffic you would expect in these environments. It is also a perfect partner for a variety of wall shades and finishes, from wall panels to metal and glass, making design simpler.

With matching design and color options across this range and the other two wood-look ranges, you can achieve a consistent look in different areas with the ability to choose between the ranges for the right technical performance according to the area.

New colors:

  • Spring Maple WSA2018
  • Worn Oak WSA2023


Choose your colors and add them to your basket using the plus icons.

Key benefits

  • Authentic wood visual creates warm and inviting setting
  • Impressive range of designs with different planks and shades available
  • Resists up to 2,500 psi indentation
  • Allows coordination with Altro Wood Comfort and Altro Wood Acoustic ranges for smooth transition between areas requiring different levels of slip resistance and sound absorption
  • Ideal for areas with medium to heavy traffic
  • FloorScore Certified / Low VOCs

Typical applications

  • Healthcare
  • Senior living
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Light gym and recreational areas


adc海外华人年龄确认 adc海外华人年龄确认 ,武侠古典家庭校园 武侠古典家庭校园 ,午夜普通用户体检区试看 午夜普通用户体检区试看  

  • Ortho-phthalate-free
  • Contains bio-based content
  • Low VOC compliant
  • May help contribute to LEED v4 and LEED 2009
Sustainability documents  Read our full sustainability story in our booklet or on our sustainability page 

Cleaning and Maintenance

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