v片 v片 ,乡村老卫的幸福生活 乡村老卫的幸福生活

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v片 v片 ,乡村老卫的幸福生活 乡村老卫的幸福生活
v片 v片 ,乡村老卫的幸福生活 乡村老卫的幸福生活
Hot Melt Nozzles
Hot Melt Nozzles for Handguns and Automatic Guns

Hot Melt Technologies supports your operation with interchangeable nozzles of virtually every type. Select from standard types including:

  • Aimable low-profile nozzles
  • Bead nozzles
  • Dual-orifice nozzles
  • Extended nozzles
  • Fine-tip nozzles
  • Insulated glass (I.G.) gunning tips
  • Reduced-cavity nozzles
  • Sift-proof nozzles
  • Single or multi-bead nozzles
  • Slot nozzles
  • Spray nozzlesv片 v片 ,乡村老卫的幸福生活 乡村老卫的幸福生活
  • Swirl spray nozzles
  • Taper nozzles
  • And many more

Not seeing what you need? We regularly engineer one-of-a-kind nozzles to meet specialized applications.